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To use the open box service you place an order and use code OPEN BOX at the checkout which will remove the postage , it will then be put in an open box to one side for you, you can add as much as you like for as long as you like by simply using  the code OPENBOX option every time you place an order to add to your box.This is especially good for those who want maybe seasonal or limited edition or promotional items but not ready to place a big order.
Once you are ready to close your box and get it sent you simply place your final order  you will now choose the option at the delivery options that states CLOSE MY OPEN BOX that will pay your shipping and close the box.
You must ensure all orders are under the same name and address, once you have done this it will tell us you are closing your box and we will pack and send everything out to you.

We hope you enjoy using our open box service.

Free shipping over £100 not available with open box.