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Magnesium Balm TURMERIC

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 Magnesium balm is a great product with added benefits of Lavender or Turmeric.

Please note the colour of this balm is a natural bi product of the turmeric essential oil. To avoid transfer to clothing please allow to dry into skin.

LAVENDER great to promote sleep, alleviate migraines, aid restlessness legs, balance hormones.

TURMERIC is a great anti inflammatory. 

If anyone has diabetes, chrohns, heart disease or on special medication for cancer or autoimmune disease, seek advice from medical professional before using our magnesium supplement with essential oils.

Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the human body


From the regulation of muscle contractions and blood pressure to energy production, blood sugar balance and even weight management and mood, magnesium’s role in the body is an important one. With such a long list of uses, it is no surprise it’s the fourth-most abundant mineral in the body, and involved in more than 300 enzymatic reactions.


• Supports bone strength

• May alleviate depression and reduce anxiety
Reduces cortisol in the body

• Maintains cardiovascular health, including heart rhythm

• May alleviate migraines and headaches

• May improve sleep patterns

• May improve pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS)

• May regulate blood sugar

• May boost metabolism and improve existing performance

• Lowers inflammation

• Supports the transportation of electrolytes including calcium and potassium

• Can alleviate restless leg syndrome. 

• Can improve symptoms of arthritis and auto immune diseases.

The magnesium we use is Zechstein magnesium.Zechstein magnesium is a highly pure and natural form of magnesium. Buried under rocks and protected from modern contaminants,  This form of magnesium is named after the Zechstein Sea in which it was formed.

Transdermal magnesium products begin working straight away, as they are delivered directly to the epidermis. This bypasses the digestive system, where nutrients can be poorly absorbed and which is why so many people don't get the magnesium they need through diet alone.

Lavender to help promote sleep and relaxation.

Turmeric is a fantastic anti inflammatory and can help sore muscles to recover.

Relaxation of muscles and tension relief

Relief from headaches and migraines

Antiseptic and antifungal

The balm is best used by rubbing on the feet,top and soles, last thing at night.

Turmeric balm is great on the hands or areas of pain to relieve inflammation.


Ingredients: Persea Gratissma oil ( Avacado oil),Argania 
spinosa kernel oil ( Argan Oil)
Magnesium chloride, Butyrospermum parkii butter 
( Shea Butter) Theobrama cacao seed butter ( Cocoa
butter), Candelilla wax, Cetearyl alcohol (BTMS50),
Cocos nucifera oil ( Coconut oil) Benzyl alcohol, salicylic 
acid, Glycerin, Sorbic acid. Curcuma essential oil 
(Turmeric essential oil.) * Limonene.

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